Sunday, November 25, 2012

A good question to ask.

"How would you like to feel when you enter your classroom?"

This was the question asked in the presentation that Brian, one of my jolly and wonderful friends gave at ETJ Chubu Expo. When I met him as my partner's friend for the first time last year, I noticed he has got exceptionally calm and friendly way to talk and move. I also discovered that he was a talented musician. This time I found out that he is also an awesome trainer of NLP. Each participant in his presentation got a gift to take home with him/ her. Mine is a circle that I can always go back when I feel destructed. The C-C-C circle: Confident, connected and calm. This is the mental state I always wish to be not only in classroom but wherever I go, whatever the circumstance I am in, whoever I am with and whenever I am with others.
He introduced us one of the ways to be in the mental status anytime we wish. It would take time and lots of practice to acquire this technic but it would worth the effort I think.

It was also interesting to know that all the emotions, confident, connected and calm, are related to one occasion to me. That was the moment I held my daughter into my arms after the long painful labor for the first time. I never felt so confident that I could do my best for the little beautiful gift. I never felt so connected to any other beings. I never felt so calm as I saw her peaceful face. As I was guided to remember the time when I felt the each emotion, I went back to the exact moment, feeling my heart got expanded and warmed up so nicely. And I will surely remember the C-C-C circle to step in anytime I wish or need. I will practice this new way to be in the mental status I wish to be in class in order to enjoy and share my time and information with my children/ students from now on.

My understanding of presentation is to present something worth sharing and I have attended so many fantastic presentations and learned how to make my practice better a lot. But the circle I got from Brian's presentation with his lovely partner, Sarah was something more than that to me. It was something that can transform my perspective of my whole little world into something more hopeful and pleasant. From time to time, life can be overwhelming for a person like me who has grown up in a safe and comfy home with heaps of love without going though so many hardships. I have become a mum with a teenager but I still feel like a young buddha, naive and ignorant to the beautifully complex world with lights and shadows. In such daunting moments, I would go back to the C-C-C circle in oder to find the confident, connected and calm person in my heart.

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