Saturday, August 3, 2013

Summer Reading with Kids at Sunnyfield English

From tomorrow, the annual Summer Reading Course at Sunnyfield English will start. From 4 pm to 8 pm for 4 days in a row with varied aged and leveled kids, I am planning to read some stories. With high schoolers, I am planning to go virtual world trip, starting with this article on Day 1:
Then on Day 2, learn more about some destinations on the list with Wikitravel such as
The destination will be student's own choice.
Then on Day 3, they will present the place they choose and share reasons why they choose the destination. Then we will decide which one is the most suitable destination for our own tour.
On the last day, we will share places to go and things to do in the place we decided to go on tour in the previous lesson.

For the elementary school kids, we will read books with summer-related themes.
Day 1:
We will write a week diary after reading this.
Day 2:
And of course, we will sing a song: beacuse we will eat ice cream on the last day :-)
Day 3:
We will draw things we can see under the sea.
Day 4:
Finally: one of my favorite story, Swimmy. We will talk about this story and eat ice cream later on!

This is my plan and as you may know "Plan" is a subject to change :-)