Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 9

Had one of the best, sweetest golden weeks. Now I've got to get rid of this festive feeling and get serious about studying. My strategy is "quantity over quality", in other words,  just do it.

Going though some of IELTS practice tests, I've realized I definitely need to work on my sluggish reading speed as well as writing. In order to achieve this short term goal, I will try some speed reading exercise, at least, 10 minutes a day for a few months and see what happens. My current reading speed is about 200 words per min. and my goal is to get 500 wpm. I have a lot to work but not it is not such a unrealistic goal I reckon. Or am I too optimistic?

One of my dear friends/ tutors suggested that I should get a daily newspaper, set the timer, read and write the summary of the article. My current dilemma has been how I can fulfill both physical as well as psychological health.  Since I'm overly health-conscious and actually have incredible amount of energy to release in order to maintain my sanity, I desperately need to come up with a daily physical exercise routine, something time-effective and sustainable one. My solution for that is to combine this reading practice with walking exercise. It doesn't mean I read while I walk. That would be too radical for my one-truck mind to deal with. What I would do from today is to walk to the station to get a newspaper, which would take about 30 minutes, read the front page and write the summary of it.

I will, I will rock and roll :-)

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