Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 10

After a thought-provoking weekend, I finally put my thoughts down on paper, my blog in the Net realm.

I've never been either extremely lucky or well-off in terms of material wealth but I have been quite blessed in terms of family, friends and work. I've loved and been loved by those around me and have built a safe and peaceful small- town realm. On top of that, some incredibly inspiring and dynamic new faces came into my life at the beginning of this year. Ever since I got to know them, my days have become a mind-blowing roller-coaster ride. I feel urged to share some of this luck. 

Having read a newspaper article about two little boys who lost their mum in the tsunami, this urge has become overpowering.  However, my little hands can't do much except for taking hold of other hands to make a big circle of helping hands. I have come to the conclusion that only by joining such a circle of good-willed people, might I be able to do something valuable, and so I have started searching for a suitable group for me to join. I had an "aha!" moment when I found out about a series of charity Yoga events. Since I'm a regular practitioner of Yoga and a firm believer in its philosophy, it has made perfect sense to me to contribute my time and energy, and make a bit of a donation for such events.

Following my instincts has brought me some serious troubles yet no regrets. It is always the best to follow where my heart leads and it surely took to me the right place at the right time. I've met some amazingly considerate and generous people through those events, and getting to know them multiplies the joy of living. It is just awesome to see the energy that the organizers of these events put in to transforming a painfully traumatic event into something of such power. I have felt so welcomed and so honored to take a part in their events.

Such incredible experiences have given me a much clearer vision of what I want to be. Would it be too crazy If I said bringing Yogic philosophy into Japanese early childhood education is my mission?

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