Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Teaching Journal for TEYL Oct. 20th

Finally, I did it. I am on the Master's course I have dreamed of ever since I started undergrad degree.
So far I read an introduction book about AR and some papers on the same master's course. Recording teaching journal is recommended in both readings so I will give it a try.

Yesterday I had three classes, Nursery class, 6th graders and teenagers. Great variation to deal with.
Kids class: 11 kids, aged 3 to 5. We had a Halloween party, trick-or-treating around the school, getting sweets. After that, we played some games and read a story about Halloween. Most of kids looked pleased and excited for their first Halloween experience except a few hypersensitive ones for changes. They cried their head off when dressed kids in Halloween costume marched in their class. It was predictable and manageable incident. What bothered me is the behavior of a 5 year-old boy, who usually plays the role of a leader in the class, acted very shy and looked puzzled. It wasn't fear. It was something else.

6th graders class: We have started read intensively, using a textbook for developing mainly reading skill.
The textbook is visually attractive with friendly illustrations and short stories. Each unit has comprehension questions to confirm how much students understand the story. I hope they enjoy the improvement they make in reading skill with the book.
The problem in this class is a boy who has been struggling to grasp some simple rules of phonics. He is good at answering comprehension questions if I read the whole texts for him. He shows progress but it is the way slower than the other two in the same class. How I can operate the class without making him lose confident is my big challenge.

Teenagers class: Students have been motivated to a certain degree and do what they are assigned for. The challenge they face is to be more active in their learning. They do what they asked for but nothing more. I hope I can inspire much more autonomy in the class.


  1. Chico, congratulations for making the master's course. It sounds like you have a lot of exciting coursework ahead of you! I'll be reading here. I am working with children now, too. It's so rewarding.

    Take care,

  2. Key, wow! Thank you for visiting!
    You teach children as well? Yes, it is so rewarding and exciting. Hope we can share some ideas :-)

  3. Hi Chico,

    I'm teaching some elementary students how to make books in an after school program, and I'm helping Kindergartners learn how to write in another school. I'm also advising some high school students who are creating a literary arts magazine. It is very rewarding. I don't have a teaching degree, so I'm not sure which direction I will go. I received my masters in writing and book publishing last winter. I can work in community colleges, but I love working with the younger group. We'll see where it takes me.

    Yes, I'd love to share some ideas!


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  5. Hi Kay,

    I feel incredibly thrilled to know that you would share some ideas with me and perhaps some comments on this blog :-)

    You have such an amazing job since I believe cultivating the joy of reading and writing is one of the assets that we can possibly pass to our children. I also admire someone, like yourself, who can inspire their creativity and imagination.

    I find sharing time with kids is priceless as well.
    I am thrilled to sense something new and exciting that I can share with you, kay. Thank you for accepting my friendship.