Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday class

I have only one class on Tuesday at the moment with 4 boys aged 7 to 10. Three of them are fairly new faces. I do TPR a lot to outlet their incredible energy in the class. I can't expect them to sit still and listen to unknown sounds for 50 mins. They love to get out of the classroom and do something in the garden. It is very fortunate that our little school has its garden, big enough to play Mr. Wolf or other fun games.
We spend more time in the outdoor classroom when the weather is mild. It seems to me it is more productive for no need to ask them to sit still or settle down repeatedly. They can be as wild as they want to be. In fact, I find it quite disappointing because they are not really wild. I was much wilder kid.

Yesterday, we had a guest who was 7 year old boy. 5 boys in a classroom can be  quite messy especially with a mum observing the class sitting next to the new face. One of them who is also 7 went really wild. For some reasons, he needed to show how rebellious he could be with big boys and the leader of the class, me. He acted so badly and tried to spoil all the fun of all the games we tried to play. It was awesome effort to get me really angry at one point when he started laughing at the visitor's pronunciation. It worked so well that I gave him the most frighteningly disgusted look. He couldn't help to say "Scary..." It was too adorable to be mad at even for a few more seconds.
Other boys must have felt sorry for me because of this insanely behaving classmate and were so helpful with the class and the visitor, encouraging and even praising his effort to do something. After a couple of activities for phonics with the severe peer pressure, the little rebellious one stopped being unreasonable. The visitor seemed to have fun with other big boys and for my big reward, he gave me the cutest and sweetest smile as he left. He would join us for the Halloween trick-or-treating this Saturday.

Overall, it wasn't really the best class I had but quite interesting one to observe. I must admit I tried to show the best class I could possibly manage to the visitor and his mum. Which must have smelled fishy or at least awkward to the little cute monster and his terrible behavior is just a reflection of his uneasiness, concern or disappointment. Or can be the test many children often give us to see how reasonable we, teachers/ parents/ grown-ups, are. Having a visitor is a big test for me for I am apt to get to know the person instantly and convince him that I am on his/her side within a class. Which is quite silly and arrogant notion of me. I wish I could have another chance to show who I am and let him decide whether he likes me or not. Also I must gain the mutual trust with the rebellious boy again. Big ego often gets in a way. It is my dilemma how strong I should show certain leadership for without a captain, all the ship might be lost or crushed. I'd love to be the lighthouse, warm and stable, to guide the ship gently and surely to the destination but I am too noisy and clumsy for that.


  1. Oh, yes! I can relate very well to wanting to be the lighthouse! I am also too loud and clumsy for that.

    I had my class make little books with pockets, and we went outside to collect leaves. Thankfully, the weather permitted the activity, and they had a good time. Like you, there was one student who could not always share in the fun.

    As each child is so unique, it is with wonder that we find ways to engage them. I'm hoping to find a way next week with my rebellious one.

    Thanks for sharing your experience! It is encouraging. I'm sure that your children love you, and I think that not always being the stoic lighthouse is a good thing. They can relate better to a normal human being!

    Take care,

  2. Oh, Kei! Thanks a lot for your comment. I am sorry that I missed to reply you for I have been preoccupied with finding a starting point for my research. Which is very ironic because this journal is supposed to be a way to do so but I neglected to reflect what I have written.

    It is so true that each child is a unique individual with magnetic idiosyncrasy. The rebellious ones we have are the most inspiring and motivating ones of all as well, aren't they?

    I agree that they can related better to another human being with imperfect yet unique character. It would be more pleasurable if I deal with others as who I am :-)

    Thanks for such a sweet and inspiring comment!
    Look forward to hearing more from you.