Saturday, October 20, 2012

Angels on earth: Saturday class.

Some days things don't work at all and I feel hopeless and useless and start asking myself, "What are you doing here?" Hiding at home and taking care of my family instead of being in class, learning via trials and errors looks more appealing and sensible. I had one of those day last friday. I was totally exhausted physically and psychologically on Saturday morning and was not be able to take any tough time from children. In other words, I wasn't ready to share and learn with them.

In spite of the apathetic attitude of students in the second class, I managed to go through three classes with slightly more positive attitude but before going into the classroom, I was seriously praying that the children would be ready for learning something. They were absolutely ready smiling and sitting on the chairs with notebooks and textbook ready on the table. I was so impressed and thankful to their enthusiasm that I couldn't help telling them how fantastic they were. Then, one of students sympathetically said, "You are overpraising us. This is just a normal behavior in class." Then I explained how I felt on the day and how motivating their enthusiasm towards learning was. They were so sympathetic and did all the work I planned earnestly and when it came to Story time (I read a story for them at the end of the class), they became a wonderful audience, going "Oh!" "wow"and "phew" as I read through the story. Then, one of the students said, "Please read one more story for us!" Nothing can beat that kind of comment. They were my saviors. I am not exaggerating. I felt that low somehow on the day.

It is easy to blame a bad day on other things but I believe / know that it is me who to be responsible for the negative response from children. But usually there are so many things going around me and can't help feeling exhausted.  Without sufficient positive energy, you can't carry some of the luggage children carry and lighten up a little.

So, I asked and received help from children more than I can imagine.

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