Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Notes from classroom: L&T class

What an absolute pleasure I had yesterday with my students, L & T at TKC. My mission is to get them prepare for the Canadian elementary school from next Feb. Because of their Dad's business, they will live in Canada (not sure the exact place) for a few years. According to the school owner, they went to an international school in Tokyo for  a year and then went to the US for a while due to Dad's business. They came back to Japan and currently in a public elementary school in Hiroo area. There are more returnees like them even at a public school in the area so that it didn't take so long for them to fit in the community. However, since literacy has been more promoted in Canada, her mum has been worried if they can catch up the speed of progress and other students' level. So, that is why they are there and obviously they have higher English proficiency.

Currently they study phonics with me once a week with a textbook but I feel it is a bit tedious if they only do the exercises in the textbook. Besides, they are aware of most of the phonetical rules and what they might is more opportunities to use their knowledge in the real readings. 

So, I introduced one of the most popular series of graded readers for young leaners, Oxford Reading Tree, stage 1. I showed two books from the stage and they instantly engaged in the picture and stories that easy to read. They spontaneously read aloud one of them. This kind of moment is the biggest reward for me as an ETYL. It was just a beautiful moment. They read the book for me in one of the most enthusiastic and beautiful way. Oh, I was impressed and almost in tears. 

Then we did some role play taking our favorite character. It was an enormous fun! We read aloud with enthusiasm and laughed together. 

The rewarded moment will be forgotten by the young amazing performers but will stay in my mind for the rest of my life.  

The joy of reading that they showed me has encouraged me to spread the love of reading among children. Oh such a fun should be shared, shouldn't it? 

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