Monday, October 15, 2012

Mind-storming Weekend

Unexpectedly wonderful thing happens from time to time when you are not afraid of getting out of your comfort zone and being a bit more adventurous.

 I had one of the most unexpected and exciting reunion at JALT national conference in Hamamatsu on weekend with my dearest and oldest mates of all. He was not a kind of person who would do a presentation at such a big event like JALT national. He was a easy-going mellow busker several decades ago when we were just kids on the street of northern island of Japan, Hokkaido. Almost every night, he played some familiar tunes with his guitar for drunk business people and I danced to those tunes next to him for some fun. Life seemed as fragile and light as feathers and we enjoyed living as lightly as possible. We shared a tiny flat without a bath. We had no money but bunch of jolly mates and party days. One day I remember we didn't have any money at all even for buying lunch for the day. We were starving but laughing at each other for our stupidity. Everyone must have one of those wild days in your youth. We were young and didn't know the meaning of responsibility. We didn't break rules because there were none.

After decades later, both of us got wonderful partners and a beautiful girl and learned what responsible mean. Both of us like the way it is now. We got much busier with less time for ourselves but we are still happy because we have learned where happiness is for each of us. It still was one of the most exciting moment when we met again in a completely different reality. Our hair got much much shorter, more lines and spots on our faces and perhaps extra bits of flesh but the cheeky and free souls are still detectable in our eyes. Our reunion was short and brief yet enough time to enjoy our company and realize there are somethings that never change. 

During this innovative and revolutionary weekend with educators, I've confirmed that the golden rule I've learned to keep my life as wonderous as possible: Make new friends and keep the old. 

Everyone has a different style of learning and this is my style. I learn from others via interactions. At the conner of social events, my life-long learning begins and never ends. I find new theories, approaches, ideas and faces/ sides of myself via others views. 

I feel more obliged to share this insight with my children/ students. With child-like curiosity and steadfast will to live for today, English can be a vehicle to take you to the realm where you can find never-ending resources for rule-breaking and stimulating stories to share.

Thank you all for mind-blowing weekend!

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