Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Praises and doughnut perspective

Praises are tricky thing : They can demotivate students. Have you ever thought about that? Actually I have when I took one of workshops for teaching YLs over 10 years ago. But it didn't grab my attention as much as it does now. The notion was way too complex for me to deal with back then.
 I was like,
 "Yeah, yeah, yeah, then what?"
But this time, I have been struggling to find my own motivation to keep on trying as a mum and a teacher for young learners. I've been think about what and how I can help them to find flow or motivation in my classroom. That's what I am paying for or responsible.

After taking the presentation, I had a little chat with the presenter, John Wiltshier. He was kind enough to share the reference of his presentation and gave me an idea for AR, praising. Then my mind started working at the full speed, figuring out how and what can demotivate my student and my daughter.

In my class yesterday, I was fully aware of what words I gave to them as praises. I try to comment on what they have achieved not on their general intelligence. I've read this idea in Mindset but again my sluggish brain didn't fully get a grip on it. Now I got much clearer idea how and what I can try to see the changes I can bring to my classes as my perspective changes.

Luckily, I have a class with 20 little kids this morning. With this new perspective, I will see what happens!

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