Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Auch indeed!

One of the participants of Aston and I are setting up a study group and would meet every other week on Skype from the beginning of October. At the moment, my feet won't touch the ground with excitements.

On the other hand, I had a meeting with my co-workers and the owner of TKC and was miserably told off. According to my "senior"(Does it mean ONLY older?)  teacher, my idea is too unconventuonal. What all the students need is grammar-translation for entrance exam for uni. I couldn't believe what I heard. It is a language school for children who are fortunate enough to go oversea every single vacation and stay there for a month if they want to. They are also in private university-affliated elementary schools and those universities are considered as prestigious ones like Keio, Waseda, Aoyama, Seishin and etc. Which means they don't need to take entrance exam. They need to work on their academic abilities but as long as they get average grades at school, they don't need to worry about the severe and ridiculous entrance exam. Instead, they can look for something meaningful and worth trying for their future. Well, it has been my interpretation and the reason I supported my own daughter to go through the crazy cramming phase when she took the entrance exam for the Jr. high. 

Did I argue with them in the meeting? No. I was too disappointed to say anything. Well, I will do what I believe to support my students. That's why I am on a Master's course. The fact is nobody really knows what is the best for each student but at least exclusive grammar-translation lessons sound deadly boring if not harmful. 

So, plan B. I am going to observe my daughter, Case M, and one of my students from my own school. A girl from Tuesday class will make a good case study since she doesn't like reading in English, either and she often struggles when she reads aloud. I will call her, Case R because of her name.

Case R is a sister of my ex-star student. The ex-star student was straight A plus student in all the area. She was one of the best at the local Jr. high and got a scholarship to go to Sr. high. Case R often says she is not good enough compared to her sister. However, I do think Case R got much more social skills. 
She is so amicable and adorable. In fact, her intelligence might work better when she got out of school. In the real world, she can charm people and she might make some great carrier because of her EQ. She is not incompetent at all but the problem is that her mum doesn't believe in her, either. I hope she would make progress in her English proficiency and gain confidence like I did at her age :-)

Case M and R both got deeply rooted negative complex towards their ability. Especially the former one is part of my fault since I am the mum. I hope I would identify some ways to have them find their own strength and infinite possibilities and capabilities. 

Instead of recording the whole interaction with them, I would give them interviews and questionnaires at the beginning, middle and after the project. The project picture book magic will begin!

Case R on Tuesdays. Case M on Thursdays.  

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