Sunday, September 23, 2012

Notes from AR presentation

Before I completely forget about little ideas of mine for AR project, which was emerged from the interaction with other participants at Yokohama JALT mini conference, I am jolting all down.

Got two ideas so far: Blog or Digital storytelling

Perhaps latter might be more interesting field to explore for my students, aged from 10 to 18. Younger ones I have should be excluded from this project. Obvious reason is their age. Paper version of storytelling or reading would be more appropriate.

I also would like to start adopting several ideas I got from the conference
- teaching and learning portfolio
- post-it notes in class
- making questionnaire
- Face Sheet for correcting data

Dr. Croker mentioned how to find topic/ focus on AR via making list of relevant categories such as bio data, tasks and etc. Perhaps mind-maping might also effective way to do so, however, finding  the focus for AR is not really a walk in the park.

I was wondering if digital storytelling makes a good task for young learners in and outside of the class. But I guess that is a question I can ask to them before I start the project.

It was a fantastic day with heaps of findings and things to try out with other participants and the presenter. Yo-JALT rocks!

Oh, another important note: November 2013, Yo-JALT AR poster session!

Hope I will be able to come up with "good" AR project and complete MET module by then.

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