Monday, September 24, 2012

Note: Reading Adventure Program/ Case study

While I was reading my module readings, I found about Clay M.M. and her program.

Since I've been wondering how effective Storytelling is for TEYL classes, using picture books for teens might be another idea to investigate. Besides, I am a huge fan of picture books and such classes will be so enjoyable for me. Choosing appropriate picture books might be a challenge but perhaps via introducing some of them I might be able to identify specific preference of my students. There is a girl who takes private lessons at TKC, my new work, might be the best person to start investigating with.
She is 10 years old yet started learning English when she was one and half. Her cousin is a returnee and  goes to an international school. She often see her cousin and read picture books with her.She has high level of reading fluency. But I would like to see what happens when she started reading intensively and extensively with picture books.

Another interesting case might be my daughter. 13 years old who is a bookworm yet become allergic to English ever since she started taking  school education. She read quite a lot of English picture books when she was younger. But as soon as she became 5th grader, she lost time for reading English books due to the entrance exam study. She continued reading in Japanese for pleasure but her reading fluency in L1 got much much higher than that of in L2. Then she gave up on reading in L2 due to the lack of time and perhaps enough motivation. I would like to find out if picture books magic can work on this serious case.

The first case, student A, comes to TKC on Tuesday (today). I have already introduced some of picture books with familiar stories such as Alice in Wonderland. She seemed to enjoy reading but I would introduce ORT for it is one of the most popular series among my students and would like to see what she feels.

For the case M, my daughter, both of us are free only on thursday night and that would be the time to introduce ORT again.

I would like to record all the interaction if it is ok.

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