Tuesday, September 18, 2012


"WTF! Oh, no!!!!"
My morning was started with my scream! My poor partner and daughter stayed as quiet as possible. They learn very fast how to deal with Mama in panic!

 A delay of a few weeks to start my new module. I should have checked. I could have asked someone. I would have finished reading by now.

Regret always comes too late... Never mind. Now I've got to be in the full speed to catch up what I have missed. Two weeks of reading time.

What happened was that I've turned in my portfolio for FND much earlier than the dead line and my tutor kindly and supportively accepted it and put me in the next module much earlier- the beginning of September. But just because the Uni. has changed their student information page called Black Board, I didn't get all the documents and reading list till today. What a silly person I am. This is when I think digital literacy should be promoted more at school!!!We need to learn how to access all the information we need!!! Well, I am supposed to learn how to do it on my own but with a little bit more support would be much easier and more pleasant.

Oh, well, enough whinging and gotta get back to work. Fortunately, I have just finished reading Flow book yesterday and found out that a little challenged goal is one of the key feature to have Flow experience.

Here I am on fire! Garuu....

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