Monday, September 17, 2012

The Power of Words: Emoto Peace Project.

I've been thinking why I do what I do lately. Sometimes, teaching English for young learners is meaningless if not harmful. I am aware of some pitfalls of Early Childhood Education and perhaps teaching English to children can be included. I'm on a Master's course for TESOL for young learners, spending great deal of time and energy on that but I started having doubts lately as I witnessed way too many unmotivated kids who were too busy to enjoy learning. I've found some acceptable excuses to keep on doing what I do but haven't found any solid answers to fully convince myself. However, finally, I might have found an answer for my question in this message from water. So, I am recording this crucial moment on my blog. Hopefully this entry will inspire me when I lose my motivation again in the future. 

Dr. Emoto found  some crucial message to human kind via studying water. His finding is that water makes astonishingly beautiful crystal when you feed it words like "Thank you." Dr. Emoto asserts that it happens because of the positive vibe from the words. On the other hand, if you feed it words like "Stupid", water won't make those beautiful creations. In other words, words can hurt yet can heal as well. 

I don't think we should use only sugary words which are not sincere. But it means we need to be aware of the power of words more and choose words wisely and appropriately. 

Having realized that, the work ahead of me on the Master's course retrieve its bright color again. Studying the depth of words makes sense to me now. I study so that I can use them wisely and appropriately. And perhaps I can share my finding with others. I sincerely hope the message from water   inspires awareness of the power of words and our children hear less harmful words. Because children who know no harmful words would be able to make beautiful creations like the water crystals. 

The world can't radically transform into a beautiful creation like the water crystal in a day but with the power of words, we might be able to make it better little by little. 

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