Sunday, September 30, 2012

Note for AR after yoga practice

After 20 min. short yoga practice on the heck-tick Monday morning, I started thinking about the recurrent question I have, "Can yoga practice make an effective task for English learning for kids?"

Since most of the obstacles for them in acquiring anything is all the destructions about them- games, cellphones, TV and all the digital equipments and etc. I often think, "If only less destructions around them, they might be able to focus more." This is one of the reasons that one of my friend, who is also teaching English for kids, took a Yoga teacher training course and became a certificated Yoga teacher.

A few years ago, I did yoga daily for 60 to 90 min and found it so effective on my physical and psychological health. I had a terrible migraine and a posture but as Yoga became daily practice, both of serious problems got better.

Lately, the terrible migraine came back and I realized how long I didn't practice Yoga. Sitting in front of Mac and rear numerous papers are bad enough for my health. My mood swing got terrible as well. I can hardly feel relaxed lately. Of course, it is something with some changes like new jobs and new living style but it was the same back then. I was all stressed and feel low all the time and Yoga was one of the solutions I tried. And only yoga seemed to work. I felt much calmer and better concentration with better results. I was an undergrad on corresponding course and needed substantial concentration and memory for my study. It took lots of will power to study something on my own with only books.  sometimes took classes during summer or spring break but most of the time, I had to motivate myself to do all the work I was supposed to do. Even super motivated student loses her motivation from time to time and Yoga and its philosophy behind helped me to get through.

Yesterday, I didn't do any work for I needed a day off and I wasn't so motivated. I felt sluggish, dull, exhausted and low this morning again. I wasn't sure the cause or causes but didn't like the feelings at all. Then, I went back to the basics, Yoga practice like I did a few years ago when I was in the miserable state of mind.

Good idea!  Here I am with full of inspiration and motivation for the possibility.

Yoga is a gigantic subject to tackle and I don't really know if it is even measurable for concentration or memory within a short time of period. But I am sure it is worth researching a little.

I will start asking some questions to my friend who is a yoga teacher.

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