Thursday, September 13, 2012

What's next?

Phew. Confession. When I started noticing errors in my writing, I stopped this blog and took me for a while to be back on. I even deleted it. But this morning, as I chatted with my partner via facebook, I realized this blog can be a great way to record my path to MA mama.

I am going to record this in a free writing style. No revising. No proofreading. No corrections. I write as my thoughts come up. The purpose of this blog is to record my own path to my goal- getting MA degree in TEYL.

I have already finished Foundation Module which is introductory one to pursue the MA course. It took me about 6 months. During this module, I have made some wonderful study mates and I am going to set up a study group on line with him and other participants. I will start Methodology Module from Oct.
It will be more challenging than the foundation one but I look forward to it. I would love to get a grip on Action Research and find a starting point.

Luckily, on 23rd, Yokohama JALT will hold one day mini conference on AR! I will attend it and learn some more practical ideas and hopefully build more network for MA study.

I've learned a lot on FND module but the best of all is that the key to success in my goal is building a great network with other participants and other teacher/ researchers. I already have amazing support team- my partner and family. Having more network with others will be just swell!

Another project undergo is the project Momo, my daughter. I would like to find a path to find her flow in learning English again. How can I do that? It seems the toughest work I ever get. I've got some inspiring books to create flow in others. I would love to experiment the idea. It seems Momo is providing the best opportunity to find a way for she hates English at the moment.
She enjoys singing and dancing with jolly tunes with me as an infant and she still has the ear and her pronunciation is excellent as an non-native speaker. I am not quite sure how to reach the jolly memory of her but I won't give up. I will keep on searching and hopefully I can help her to find flow in herself.

Here we go. Hope this path to MA Mama will be exciting with lots of findings.

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